What is Blue Lotus Productions?
Blue Lotus Productions is a global news and sports agency, film, television and video production company, supplying cameramen, journalists, technicians, original content, media and video consultancy services as well as broadcast, transmission and webcast facilities. We also have a library of thousands of pictures and video clips, available for use with the purchase of a simple, one-off, royalty free, license. 

What is a 'Royalty Free' License?
A 'royalty free' license is a type of a stock media (in this case video and images) license that provides for the unlimited use of that media in any context defined in the licensing terms. Royalty free is the opposite of 'rights managed.' Rights managed media needs a specific license stating the audience and material surrounding the media. All content on Blue Lotus Productions is royalty free and does not require an individual license. All media is bound by one or both of the two types of licensing agreements.

Is Everything on Your Site Cleared for Commercial Use?
We sell both commercial use and editorial only content. Editorial content is content (in this case video or image) that has not been released for commercial use. We do not provide any service for researching and/or obtaining any needed additional releases. Blue Lotus Productions makes no representations or warranties whatsoever with respect to the use of names, trademarks, logos, uniforms, registered or copyrighted designs or works of art depicted in any video clip or image. You must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents or permissions as may be required for reproduction of any image have been secured by you. Please review the license carefully.

What is the 'Original Footage'?
To make things easier, we have edited and compressed down all the video clips we have in our library to a more useful length, usually 10 seconds. However, if you wish to have a little more footage, or a less compressed clip, then we have made the original, from camera file, available to you as well. The original is the clip, as it was recorded by the camera, with no further editing or compression.

Do you Colour Correct the Video or Pictures?
None of our content has been colour corrected, in order to give you the most flexibility possible. For the video, the only editing that occurs is for time and compression. For images, we only change the image size.

How Should I Credit Your Company in my Production?
We are always keen to encourage people to credit our content in their productions. We would suggest something along the lines of "Additional stock footage provided by Blue Lotus Productions" but we are flexible, and allow you to credit us as you see fit.

Where Can I Use Your Content?
Our licensing agreement allows for worldwide use across all media, royalty free and in perpetuity. Restrictions on use are listed in section 3 of the licensing agreement. Please read the license carefully to make sure that your usage is covered.

Can I Use Content That I Downloaded in Work for Hire?

Yes. You can use any content from Blue Lotus Productions for a customer/client project. However, you must indicate to your client that they do not own and do not have the rights to sell those pieces of content.

If I Modify an Image, Can I Claim Copyright to That Image?
You may modify any video or image and use it (as long as the modification conforms to the licensing agreement). However, you may not claim copyright to that video or image. Blue Lotus Productions and/or its suppliers continue to own all video and images, whether or not they have been modified.

What is Your Refund Policy?

We cannot guarantee a refund unless there is a technical defect with a given file and we are notified about the defect within 48 hours. If we are unable to solve the technical problem, then we are happy to refund your purchase, or offer you an alternative. We will not refund purchases simply because you do not end up using the content purchased. Low-res preview files, with our watermark burned in, are available for download so you can test the media before purchasing it.

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