Royalty Free License


1. Parties and Definitions

  • The following Royalty Free License (the "Agreement”) constitutes an agreement between you ("Licensee”) and Blue Lotus Productions Ltd. ("Blue Lotus Productions”), operator of (the "Site”). Licensee may not use visual, audio-visual, audio or any other content available for licensing from Blue Lotus Productions without agreeing to the terms of this Royalty Free License. If Licensee does not agree to the Blue Lotus Productions Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, or any other agreements that may be incorporated by reference therein, cease use of the Site and do not continue with any license purchase. Following the text of this Agreement, Licensee will be prompted to actively agree to the terms herein.
  • As used in this Agreement, "Licensed Content” refers to video, motion picture footage, music, sound effects, photographs, media project files and/or other audio, audio-visual, or visual works for which Licensee has paid license fees if such are required by Blue Lotus Productions, and for which the terms of this Agreement shall apply. "Work for Distribution” refers to any independently authored derivative work incorporating the Licensed Content created by or on behalf of Licensee under the terms of this Agreement. "Authorized User” refers to any individual who has been authorized by Licensee to access Licensed Content in the creation of Works for Distribution by or on behalf of Licensee under the terms of this Agreement.

2. Grant of License

  • In consideration of Licensee's acceptance of the terms of this Agreement and payment of license fee as required, Blue Lotus Productions grants Licensee a non-exclusive worldwide perpetual right to use, display, modify, publish and create Works for Distribution incorporating Licensed Content in any and all media an unlimited number of times. Beyond the initial license fee, Licensee need make no additional payments to Blue Lotus Productions for the use of Licensed Content, provided such use conforms to the terms of this Agreement, including but not limited to the Restrictions on Use in section 3. This Agreement is a license, not an agreement of sale. Licensee shall not acquire any copyright ownership or equivalent rights to any of the Licensed Content, and Blue Lotus Productions and its Licensed Content sources retain all right, title, and interest in and to all of the copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and all other proprietary rights in the Licensed Content. All rights in and to Licensed Content not expressly granted in this agreement are retained by Blue Lotus Productions or its suppliers, as the case may be.
  • Licensee may provide access to Licensed Content to no more than five (5) Authorized Users either sequentially or simultaneously, provided that such access is used solely for the purpose of creation or reproduction of Works for Distribution made by or on behalf of Licensee. If more than five individuals will have access to the Licensed Content, or if Licensed Content will be used in Works not authored by Licensee, additional licenses must be purchased.
  • Blue Lotus Productions is not responsible for any loss or damage to any Licensed Content, following the purchase of a license by the licensee and a successful download from the site. Any loss or damage, to any Licensed Content following a successful download from the site, is the sole responsibility of the licensee. If the licensee requires replacement of any Licensed Content, lost or damaged following a successful download from the site, the Licensee will need to purchase a new license.

3. Restrictions on Use

  • Licensed Content may not be used contrary to any restriction on use indicated herein or that Licensee is notified of prior to or at the time Licensed Content is delivered. Restrictions may be included in the information provided with the Licensed Content or by notice from Blue Lotus Productions. Any such restriction provided to Licensee shall be incorporated in this Agreement.
  • Licensed Content may not be resold, sublicensed, assigned, transferred or otherwise made available to third parties except as incorporated into Works for Distribution. Licensed Content may not be distributed to third parties as a standalone file or in a way that unreasonably permits the recipient to extract the Licensed Content for use separate and apart from the Work for Distribution. Licensee will make reasonable best efforts to safeguard against unauthorized third-party access to Licensed Content.
  • Licensee may not distribute the Licensed Content in any library or reusable template, electronic or otherwise, including but not limited to website templates, intended to allow reproduction by third parties on electronic or printed products. Licensee may not distribute Licensed Content in a manner meant to enable third parties to create derivative works incorporating Licensed Content.
  • Licensee may not superficially modify the Licensed Content and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale. For example, but without restriction, Licensee may not resell video content as a screensaver or desktop background, nor resell audio tracks as backgrounds, "hold" music, or ringtones, nor extract images and print them on tee-shirts or other physical products for resale.
  • Licensee shall not incorporate the Licensed Content into a logo, trademark or service mark without explicit written permission from Blue Lotus Productions.
  • Licensee shall not use the Licensed Content in a manner that violates the law of any applicable jurisdiction.
  • Licensee shall not use the Licensed Content in a pornographic or defamatory manner, whether directly or in context or juxtaposition with other materials.
  • If any Licensed Content featuring a model is used in a manner that would lead a reasonable person to believe that the model personally uses or endorses a product or service, or if the depiction of the model would be unflattering or unduly controversial to a reasonable person, Licensee must accompany each such use with a statement indicating that the person is a model and their likeness is being used for illustrative purposes only.
  • Blue Lotus Productions gives no representations or warranties whatsoever regarding the existence or sufficiency for a specific usage of any model or property releases associated with Licensed Content, and Blue Lotus Productions shall not be liable for damages resulting from use of any Licensed Content without sufficient releases. Blue Lotus Productions does not grant any right nor make any warranty with regard to the use of names, people, trademarks, trade dress, logos, registered, unregistered or copyrighted audio, designs or works of art or architecture depicted in any Licensed Content. Licensee acknowledges that some jurisdictions provide legal protection against a person's image, likeness or property being used for commercial purposes without their consent. Licensee shall be solely responsible for determining whether additional clearance or release is required in connection with any proposed use of Licensed Content. Blue Lotus Productions will make reasonable efforts to assist Licensee in obtaining copies of any releases previously obtained by the proprietors of such Licensed Content upon request by Licensee; however, there may be an additional fee for such assistance.
  • Where Licensed Content is video footage, any music, dialogue or other ambient audio contained in such footage is incidental only and may require additional clearances for a given usage.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, some Licensed Content may be available for certain of the restricted uses, provided a supplemental or extended license is entered into for such uses (for the avoidance of doubt, such uses are not included in this License Agreement).

4. Warranties and Limitation of Liability

  • Blue Lotus Productions warrants that it has all necessary rights and authority to enter into and perform under this agreement.
  • Blue Lotus Productions operates the Site as a venue for the licensing of visual, audio, audiovisual and other content. Blue Lotus Productions acts solely as a service provider providing storage of materials on its systems or networks at the direction of Blue Lotus Productions' users.
  • Blue Lotus Productions has made reasonable efforts to ensure the correct labelling, categorization and keywording of the Licensed Content by its users; however, Blue Lotus Productions does not warrant the accuracy of such information.
  • Blue Lotus Productions' entire liability and Licensee's exclusive remedy with respect to Licensee's inability to use the Licensed Content as the result of material defects in the Licensed Content shall be limited so that (i) Licensee, upon request to Blue Lotus Productions, shall be permitted to download the Licensed Content again to obtain a replacement copy of the Licensed Content; or (ii) if Licensee continues to be unable to download the Licensed Content, Blue Lotus Productions will refund the fee actually paid by Licensee for such Licensed Content, provided Blue Lotus Productions determines, in its sole discretion, that Licensee is unable to download such Licensed Content successfully.
  • Blue Lotus Productions' liability shall not exceed the return of the amount of the purchase price paid by licensee. No action, regardless of form, arising out of the transactions under this Agreement may be brought by Licensee more than one year after the cause of the action has accrued.

5. Indemnification

  • Licensee assumes full responsibility for the use of the content. Licensee shall defend, indemnify and hold Blue Lotus Productions and its parent, subsidiaries and commonly owned or controlled affiliates and their respective officers, directors and employees harmless from all damages, liabilities and expenses, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and costs, arising out of or as a result of claims by third parties relating to Licensee's use of any Licensed Content outside the scope of this Agreement, Licensee's failure to obtain from third parties all permissions necessary to use the Licensed Content, or for any other breach by Licensee of this Agreement.

6. Term and Termination

  • The license contained in this Agreement will terminate automatically without notice from Blue Lotus Productions if Licensee fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement. Upon termination, Licensee must immediately: (i) stop using the Licensed Content; (ii) destroy or, upon the request of Blue Lotus Productions, return to Blue Lotus Productions the Licensed Content; and (iii) delete or remove the Licensed Content from Licensee's premises, computer systems and storage (electronic or physical).
  • In the event Blue Lotus Productions notifies Licensee that the Licensed Content is subject to a threatened or actual claim, or that Licensee's use may expose Blue Lotus Productions or Blue Lotus Productions users to any liability, Licensee will, on Blue Lotus Productions' request, promptly remove all affected Licensed Content from all physical and electronic storage media and take all reasonable steps to cease use of the affected Licensed Content and, where applicable, ensure its licensees do the same.
  • Licensee may terminate this Agreement by giving notice to Blue Lotus Productions and destroying the Licensed Content and any derivative works, along with any copies or archives of it or accompanying materials (if applicable), and ceasing to use the Licensed Content for any purpose.

7. Payment

  • All sales of Licensed Content are final and cannot be returned. Except for material defects, provided for in the Warranties and Limitation of Liability described above, there are no refunds on sales of Licensed Content. Prices, offers and products are subject to availability and may change.
  • Licensee is responsible for paying any and all applicable sales taxes, use taxes, value added taxes, customs and duties imposed by any jurisdiction as a result of the license granted or of the use of the Licensed Content, pursuant to this Agreement, in addition to the price paid to Blue Lotus Productions.
  • If the Licensed Content is music or a sound effect, then nothing herein shall be deemed a waiver of any performing rights fees. Licensee shall submit, and will instruct any third party acquiring rights to the Works for Distribution, to submit cue sheets to the relevant performing rights society and to Blue Lotus Productions.

8. Miscellaneous Provisions

  • Credit. In works incorporating the Licensed Content where crediting is customary, or where other such credits are provided, Blue Lotus Productions requests a credit line that reads "Stock footage provided by Blue Lotus Productions”.
  • The parties to this Agreement are independent contractors, and nothing in this Agreement shall create a joint venture, partnership, employment relationship, franchise relationship or taxable entity between the parties.
  • Upon reasonable notice, Blue Lotus Productions reserves the right to inspect any records relating to the use of any of the Licensed Content to ensure that the Licensed Content is being used in accordance with this Agreement. Upon Blue Lotus Productions' request therefore, Licensee shall provide a copy of all uses of the Licensed Content.
  • This Agreement embodies the parties' entire agreement and supersedes and cancels any prior agreement, express or implied, written or oral, with respect to its subject matter. No modification, deletion, amendment of any provision is binding unless in writing signed by each party's authorized representative.
  • No waiver of any default under this Agreement will apply to any subsequent default, whether of a similar nature or not, nor will any such waiver be construed as a waiver of any other provision of this Agreement.
  • If any provision, or portion thereof, of this Agreement, or its application to any person or circumstance, shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable to any extent, the remainder of this Agreement, such provision and their application shall not be affected thereby, but shall be interpreted without such unenforceable provision or portion thereof so as to give effect, insofar as is possible, to the original intent of the parties, and shall otherwise be enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  • Whenever the singular number is used in this Agreement and when required by the context, the same shall include the plural and vice versa, and the neuter gender shall include the feminine and masculine genders and vice versa. The headings in this Agreement are for convenience only and are in no way intended to describe, interpret, define or limit the scope, extent or intent of this Agreement or any of its provisions.
  • This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong without regard to its choice of law provisions. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not govern this Agreement. The parties hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong.
  • All of the covenants, terms, provisions and agreements contained in this Agreement shall be binding upon, and inure to the benefit of, the parties hereto and, to the extent permitted by this Agreement, their respective heirs, legal representatives, successors and assigns. This Agreement may be assigned by either party to another party upon prior written notice so long as such party agrees to be bound by its terms.
  • Except as otherwise set forth herein, any notice required or permitted to be given under this Agreement shall be in writing, delivered by hand, nationally recognized overnight courier service, email or registered or certified mail, addressed to Blue Lotus Productions at: Blue Lotus Productions Ltd., 2003, 20/F, Tower 5, China Hong Kong City, 33 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong with a carbon copy sent by email to:; or to you at the email address or contact information provided by you in your Blue Lotus Productions member account.

9. Acknowledgement

  • By clicking "I Agree" or otherwise signifying acceptance, Licensee accepts this Agreement either for itself or on behalf of its employer, principal or the entity that is identified as the Blue Lotus Productions member account holder, and agrees to be bound by its provisions. If Licensee is accepting on behalf of its employer, principal or the entity that is the Blue Lotus Productions member account holder, Licensee represents and warrants it has full legal authority to bind its employer, principal or such other entity.
  • Licensee represents that, if an individual, he or she is at least 18 years of age and has the full right and authority to enter into this Agreement. Licensee represents that information provided to Blue Lotus Productions is accurate and true, including, without limitation, all credit card or other payment information, and Licensee agrees to update such information as necessary.
  • Licensee acknowledges it has read this Agreement, understands it, and has had an opportunity to seek independent legal advice prior to agreeing to it. In consideration of Blue Lotus Productions agreeing to provide the content, Licensee agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Additionally, Licensee acknowledges and agrees that it has reviewed the Blue Lotus Productions Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and any other agreements which may be incorporated by reference therein, or to the extent of their incorporation in this Agreement, Licensee agrees to be bound by them.
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